By Maureen Eugene

Engaging existing customers to continue buying products from you or using your services is in your best interest as a business owner. Returning clients create an impression of clear trust in you and your business — trust that they can give you money and get value from your products or services in return.

A one-time client isn’t your best client but returning clients would always give you a competitive edge in business. Customer retention increases your customer’s lifetime value and boosts the revenue of your business. 

Here are some ways you can maintain old clients and keep them buying from you:

1. Great First Impression

A brand will always get returning clients if they have a good experience during their first purchase. Give your clients a smooth check-out and delivery process, send “thank you” mails at the end of the purchase, and direct or recommend helpful videos for the products they purchased. This will keep them coming.

2.Create Seamless Operations:

The fewer the obstacles, procedures, or steps you create for clients, the easier it is for them to purchase products repeatedly. A client would always return if the process of purchase is easy and smooth, few clicks, and they are done with the transaction. Always have in mind to build a customer-friendly website or application

3.Be Accessible:

 As a business owner, one of your major roles to your customers is to be open to meet their needs and show a willingness to help and assist whenever there’s a problem as regards the products and services you render. Build a system for yourself that can easily and effectively provide solutions and support to your clients. Your clients have to be convinced you’ve got their backs when necessary.

4. Enquire and welcome constructive feedbacks:

Proactively reach out to your clients regularly. Intentionally create an effective communication channel between you and your clients, making it for you to ask constructive questions and get useful feedback from them. Ask questions like:

a. What product would you like to see more?

b. How would you like us to deliver our products to you?

c. What areas do you think we can improve on?

After asking these questions, you compile the answers and implement policies that would retain and keep them patronizing your business.

5. Reward your Clients:

Send gifts, thank you notes, discounts, and prize slash to your clients, especially the returning and most loyal clients. This would speak volumes to clients. It can also trigger referrals of clients with like minds who would, in turn, become returning and loyal clients.

6. Be Credible:

Do what you say you are going to do and when you say you are going to do them, and always be accountable for your words. Therefore, under-promise yet over-deliver. This would avoid biting more than you can chew. Potential clients may switch to your competitors if you neglect this strategy.

7.Offer Customer Service Surprises:

Everyone loves surprises and surprises are viable techniques to keep old clients and have them buying. These surprise packages, offers, or messages can come up on your client’s birthdays, anniversary, etc and they don’t need to cost you a fortune. It shows that your brand values them and recognizes them as key players to the growth of the brand. This strategy keeps them coming back for more products or services you render.

8. Set Expectations in the Mind of Clients: 

The business has gone beyond just attending to inquiries and complaints of customers. Always give your clients something to always look back on, an offer they can’t wait to take advantage of. Have it in mind that you need to be honest when making promises to your clients as they would always hold you by your words.

9. Communication Calendar:

Just like these are editorial content calendars to keep track of content, publishing, etc, a communication calendar can be developed to be used to keep in touch with clients. This calendar would have a programmed sequence of special offers, phone calls, etc making communication with clients easy.

10.Email Marketing: 

Cultivate the habit of sending out newsletters. The right application of this can help you retain your clients especially if you are focused on educating them on current trends or tips and strategies that would keep their brands. Getting valuable content from you can retain clients and keep them coming back for more.

11. Create a Working Client or Customer Community: 

When challenges or questions arise, every customer is actively involved. And it becomes easier to get a solution to problems. You can also create traffic with this strategy by engaging clients with news about new products, features, offers, promos, etc. You can make it more interesting by rewarding active participants in the community with special discounts or coaching sessions.

12.Social Media: 

Take advantage of social media platforms to show your clients your brand cares about them. Social media can be an effective tool to show the personal side of your business. Get personal, up to your game of friendliness as 70% of the buying experience is based on how the consumer feels they are being treated.

13. Superlative Customer Service:

Customer service has gone beyond smiling pretty faces, and well-tailored outfits. It’s beyond providing solutions to customer challenges or problems.

Superlative customer service involves training your staff to treat clients the way they want to be treated. Ensure your staff is trained to manage clients.

14. Create Seamless Operations:

The fewer the obstacles, procedures, or steps you create for clients, the easier it is for them to purchase products repeatedly. A client would always return if the process of purchase is easy and smooth. Few clicks and they are done with the transaction.

Always have in mind to build a customer-friendly website or application.

15. Consistency: 

Discover what works for your brand and keep doing them. Offer the same products and offers, upgrade once in a while to avoid boredom. Always make sure that the value that got your clients to buy the first time doesn’t reduce but goes a step higher. This will make client retention possible.

The power of a loyal client base cannot be overemphasized as relying only on clients who stumble on your website or products may not yield reasonable results. Implement these strategies and watch business take another turn as old clients keep coming back for more value.

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  1. Esther
    August 1, 2021

    Awesome tips, a great first impression is very important

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