6 Reasons Why you are not making sales as an entrepreneur

By: Maureen Eugene

One question most entrepreneurs ask, especially newbies, is how to make more sales for their business. Which is a very good thing to do. Because only those who ask questions get answers. Now, no matter who you are, how much experience you have, or where you live, I’m about to show you 6 tested and proven reasons you are not making sales now as an entrepreneur. You might have the best products, the most friendly price, or the best customer service, but if this one thing is missing (sales) you will soon be out of the market. So, many reasons lead to poor sales but I’ve carefully handpicked 6 that if carefully studied and you try to avoid them, you would start getting an increase in sales almost immediately.

  1. You Are Targeting The Wrong Audience.

If you are making this mistake you don’t need a prophet to know you are already on the wrong track. However, for some seasons some people are not aware of this. How do you know you are targeting the wrong audience?

  • Targeting people who can’t afford your products. This has been very common for years among entrepreneurs. If you are selling a product of 100,000 and you are targeting a salary earner of 100,000 you are already going to fail. No matter how pleasant you try painting the sales message they won’t buy. Why? Because they can’t afford what you are selling.
  • Not qualifying your prospect. Before wasting all your time with a single prospect try understanding if he needs your product or services or if your product is suitable for him. If not, you are targeting the wrong audience.
  • Targeting the wrong gender. This part is also very critical; if you are selling men’s products and your target is women you might make sales but the volume might be extremely low which is not good for business.

This is one critical reason entrepreneurs have low sales.

  1. Same Sales Activities But Expecting Different Results. A wise man once said, doing the same thing over and again while expecting different results is a sign of insanity. Instead of repeating the same activities, you can take a peep into your competitor’s work. It could be their sales page, ads, funnels, journals, etc.

Check what you can work for your favor that will make your business start having more sales. Because sales are the lifeblood of any business any day, anytime. 

  1. Waiting For Customers To Come To You. Are you still waiting for customers to come to you? I know what you are thinking. Waiting for them doesn’t mean they won’t come, but there will be limitations to the number of people that might visit your business daily. Why wait for them to come when you can reach out to them?

Your competitors are already reaching out to them. What makes you think they will want to come to your side? Even customers are after what’s in it for them.

It’s your responsibility to show them by 

 reaching out to them. It could be through emails, texts, cold pitching, or whichever means best suitable. But most entrepreneurs neglect these little things and focus on product quality which is a good one. But no matter how great your products are when there are no sales, there is no revenue to keep the business running.

  1.  You Are Desperate To Sell. Whew! This is a major turn-off to the customers. If you are always desperate to sell one way or the other your customers will know and might end up not buying from you. Or underpay you for your product or services. Confident business people are those who make the most money in business. Those desperate entrepreneurs are always on the losing side.

Instead of acting desperate, understand your sales language. Also, look out if your customer is desperate for your product or service. You could use it to your advantage. It will save you more money while keeping your clients happy.

  1. Not Enough Customers. Sales is a game of numbers. The more customers you’ve got, equal to more zeros to your business account. But unfortunately, most businesses relax after getting a few customers instead of seeking more. According to statistics, low sales in business are a result of low customers. The number of people associated with your business determines the revenue level. 

You can easily double your sales when you double the numbers of people buying your goods either daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. When you double the numbers, your revenue doubles.

  1. Selling features instead of benefits. One subject in sales that salespeople need to learn over and over again is how to sell the benefit of any product or service. And this is because the buyer doesn’t understand the language of the futures that easily. After all, it sounds too technical to the ears.

Imagine you are selling an android phone, let’s say you are in an environment where power is constantly an issue. You could say, 

“buy this XXX phone, which has 6000Mah. You don’t need to worry about power for the next 72 hours when your phone is fully charged”.

This appears like a solution to someone living in that kind of environment. 

You can also try it for selling a pillow. Instead of saying “buy this amazing pillow. It is made with 100% cotton”.

 You could say;

“This amazing pillow can help you have almost 100% uninterrupted sleep. This means with it you can sleep like a baby and wake up like a giant. If you continue selling futures you will keep having low sales.


Now that you’ve known 6 major reasons most entrepreneurs are having low sales, all you need to do is to study other competitors, see what they are doing wrong and do the opposite. And if you’re doing any of the six mentioned above you could also take immediate actions, do the opposite and watch your sales increase exponentially.

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