Oxygen, Water, Food, Shelter?

These 4 things are essential to humans and we can’t live without them, but then do you know 4 things your business can’t survive without?
I will make this as short as possible, stay with me to the end;

1. Marketing. This is the oxygen of your business, meaning if you don’t know how to sell your business can “die”.
Your art of selling determines your progress and it determines how long you will last in the game.

2. Production: This should have come first but then production has to do with consistency too. PRODUCE, it’s an action word, you have to be productive so you will have results.

3. Finance: Your business should never lack this, financial ability is a stronghold and it’s essential, your business should be able to have access to cash, if growth is important, cash is necessary to achieve the visions of the business.

4. Internet: This serves as a global shelter for your business. I won’t be biased if I had put this first but then it’s not the least of them. Your business needs to be online not just on Social Media accounts but also as a Website with your own custom domain name.

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